Detský plavecký neoprén Zone3 Adventure

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4 100,00 Kč
700,00 Kč (17%)
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3 400,00 Kč

Plavecký neoprén pre deti od Zone3, ktorý splní všetky požiadavky detských triatlonistov.

Transition lemy pre rýchlejšie obliekanie a vyzliekanie (rovnako ako pri dospeláckych modeloch).

Kvalitný Jamomoto neoprén, veľký U výstrih proti oderom na krku a jednoduché zapínanie, ktoré zvládne aj dieťa.

2mm neoprén na ramenách pre dobrú flexibilitu, výrazné farby pre to aby Ste spoznali svoje dieťa na diaľku.

Veľkosti: 8-10, 10-12, 12-14 rokov


1. Super stretch 2mm shoulder and arm panels for comfortable and energy efficient swimming.

2. Zone3’s trademark Silicone coated ‘Pro-Speed CuffsTM’ on the arm and legs cuffs to help increase speed of removal. The suit is design to go on easy and come off easy.

3. Bright coloured arm and leg cuffs for improved visibility in the water.

4. 3mm front body and leg panels rather than the traditional 4-5mm adult suits as children have a better natural buoyancy than adults.

5. Low and comfortable neckline.

6. Fully Stitched and Glue Bonded for increased flexibility and comfort.

7. High quality YKK downwards zipper making the suit easy to take on and off.

8. Fabric designed to be more durable than a high end wetsuit so the suit can last a number of seasons or be passed on to somebody younger once it’s been grown out of.

This is a fantastic looking suit and makes the most of all of the experience and award winning designs in the Zone3 adult range. The suit is available in three sizes, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14.

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